The Best Google Android Weather Apps for 2021

Looking for an accurate and user-friendly weather app for your Android device? We've got you covered! In this article, we will explore the top weather apps available for Google Android in 2021. Stay informed about the weather conditions, receive timely updates, and plan your activities with confidence. Let's dive in!


AccuWeather is a popular and highly-rated weather app for Google Android. It offers minute-by-minute forecasts for your exact location, providing hyper-local weather information. You can access detailed hourly and daily forecasts, as well as severe weather alerts to stay prepared. AccuWeather also provides radar maps, allowing you to track storms and precipitation in real-time. With a clean and intuitive user interface, customizable widgets, and a range of useful features, AccuWeather is a top choice for Android users in 2021.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground, now powered by The Weather Channel, is a comprehensive weather app that combines data from multiple sources to deliver accurate forecasts. It features interactive radar maps, severe weather alerts, and crowd-sourced weather reports. Weather Underground provides hyper-local forecasts, allowing you to view weather conditions from nearby personal weather stations. The app also offers customizable widgets and a user-friendly interface. Stay ahead of the weather with Weather Underground!

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app is a trusted and reliable option for Android users seeking up-to-date weather information. It provides accurate forecasts, radar maps, and severe weather alerts. The app offers personalized weather content based on your location, including hourly, daily, and 10-day forecasts. With a visually appealing interface and easy-to-use features, The Weather Channel app is a go-to choice for millions of users. Stay informed and plan your day with confidence using The Weather Channel.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a unique weather app known for its hyper-local and minute-by-minute forecasts. It uses advanced algorithms and precise data sources to provide highly accurate weather predictions. Dark Sky offers detailed forecasts for your exact location, including temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and more. The app also provides interactive maps, global weather coverage, and customizable alerts. While Dark Sky was initially exclusive to iOS, it is now available for Android users as well. Experience the power of Dark Sky on your Android device!


Weatherbug is a feature-rich weather app that offers real-time weather information and forecasts to Android users. It provides detailed current conditions, hourly and 10-day forecasts, radar maps, and even lightning alerts. Weatherbug uses data from a network of weather stations, ensuring accurate and localized weather updates. The app also offers widgets, live tiles, and customizable alert notifications. Stay prepared and plan your activities with Weatherbug!