Sizzling Grilled Chicken and Steak Recipes that Will Rock Your Barbecue Season

Fire up the grill and impress your family and friends with these mouthwatering grilled chicken and steak recipes. They're easy to make, flavorsome, and the perfect centerpiece for any cookout or family meal. Learn the secrets of seasoning, marinade, grill timing and serving suggestions to turn your barbecue into a gourmet feast.

Mouth-Watering Grilled Chicken Recipes

Grilling chicken is an art, and we have curated some of the finest recipes. From lemon and herb grilled chicken to a tangy barbecue chicken, these recipes combine simple, fresh ingredients for a meal that's packed with flavor.

1. Lemon and Herb Grilled Chicken: This recipe is a classic and for good reason. The marinade made from freshly squeezed lemon, garlic, olive oil and herbs give the chicken a tangy and tantalizing flavor that's impossible to resist.

2. Barbecue Grilled Chicken: A barbecue isn't complete without a sticky, sweet, and smoky BBQ chicken. This recipe uses a homemade barbecue sauce that's a perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

Remember that for the best results, always let your chicken marinate for at least a couple of hours. Also, don't forget to preheat your grill before you start cooking!

Succulent Grilled Steak Recipes

When it comes to grilling, nothing beats a perfectly cooked, juicy steak. These recipes showcase some of the best ways to grill steak, from the classic grilled Ribeye to a spicy Mexican style Carne Asada.

1. Perfect Grilled Ribeye: The trick with a perfect Ribeye is to season it liberally with salt and pepper, then grill it over high heat until it develops a beautiful crust. A couple of minutes on each side will give you a medium-rare steak that's pink in the middle and full of flavor.

2. Mexican Grilled Carne Asada: This recipe uses a marinade that's rich in flavor with citrus, jalapenos and cilantro. Grill it and serve with tortillas and fresh salsa for a south-of-the-border barbecue feast.

To ensure that your steak is always succulent and juicy, remember to rest it for a few minutes before serving. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, making it even more delicious.

Sides and Serving Suggestions

While the focus of a barbecue is often meat, don't forget about the side dishes. They bring balance to your meal and can turn a good barbecue into a great one. Here are a few ideas.

1. Grilled vegetables: Grilled asparagus, zucchini or bell peppers are fantastic. They're healthy, easy to make and their natural sweetness is enhanced by the grilling process.

2. Coleslaw: A crisp, tangy coleslaw can cut through the richness of grilled meat and refresh your palate.

3. Potato salad: This is a classic barbecue side dish, and for a good reason – it's delicious! Try a version with plenty of fresh herbs and a mustard-based dressing for a tangy twist on this beloved dish.