Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Use Android's Screen Pinning Feature

Discover a useful, security-conscious Android feature waiting to be deployed - Screen Pinning. Designed to lock your screen into a single app, it transforms your device into a single-purpose tool. This guide on screen pinning will unravel its usage and benefits.

Understanding Android's Screen Pinning Feature

Initially introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop, the Screen Pinning feature allows users to pin or lock their screen into running one specific app only. This enhances the security level of your Android device as it forbids any unauthorized use from accessing other parts of your phone. Utilizing the feature could range from child-proofing your device to confidently lending your phone without a privacy breach.

Activating Screen Pinning Feature on Android

The process to activate the Screen Pinning feature will vary slightly. However, the basics stay the same. Start by going to 'Settings', scrolling down to 'Security', then tap on 'Screen pinning'. Afterwards, flip the switch to ‘On’. A prompt will show to allow you for enabling screen pinning. Click OK, and your device is now set up for screen pinning.

Pinning and Unpinning Apps

After activation, next is to actually pin an app. Simply launch the app desired to be pinned, tap on the ‘overview’ square-shaped button (or app switcher). Drag the app to the center of the screen, then tap on the pin icon in the lower-right corner. The app is now successfully pinned.

To unpin, simultaneously press the 'back' and ‘overview’ buttons then unlock your phone if necessary. You'll then be returned to the lock screen, successfully unpinning the app.

The Scope and Limitations of Screen Pinning

Even though Screen Pinning can greatly protect your privacy, it's not an all-encompassing solution. The feature pins the chosen app but doesn't prevent perusal within the app. Hence, messages could be read or emails could be sent out while an app is pinned. To overcome such, combine the screen pinning feature with a strong lock screen security method to fortify your device.