Top Instagram Accounts Every Food Enthusiast Should Follow

Becoming an Instagram foodie has never been easier amidst the extensive range of food-focused accounts. This platform is a feast for the eyes, offering sumptuous food photography, inventive recipes, and behind-the-scenes peeks at some of the world’s most popular eateries. This guide will take a culinary journey through Instagram, highlighting the best accounts for food lovers.

1. @jamieoliver

Jamie Oliver is one of the most widely recognized chefs and food activists globally. His Instagram account reveals unique recipes, healthy eating tips, and mouth-watering photos of both gourmet and simple, homely foods. He pours passion and knowledge into every post, making his account a must-follow for food lovers.

2. @foodbabyny

Food Baby NY focuses on showcasing the diverse food scene in New York City, but it’s not just the delicious food photos that make this account special. The charm comes from the owner's baby featured in most posts, giving a personal touch amid the colorful display of NYC’s best eats.

3. @beautifulcuisines

In Beautiful Cuisines, you can explore cultures worldwide through food. It's a collection of foodies and travelers who share snaps of excellent meals and beautiful food presentations from different countries. It’s a haven for travel lovers who equally adore food.

4. @smittenkitchen

Smitten Kitchen, the brainchild of Deb Perelman, showcases home cooking at its finest. The account features simple but hearty dishes, desserts, and drinks, backed up with recipes available on her blog. It’s ideal for those looking for cooking inspiration.

5. @minimalistbaker

Minimalist Baker focuses on simplicity, featuring recipes that call for ten ingredients or less, take one bowl, or require less than 30 minutes to prepare. Images of delectable baked goods and nutritious plant-based meals make this account a perfect find for vegans and health-conscious foodies.

6. @davidlebovitz

David Lebovitz, an American chef living in Paris, graces his followers with traditional French recipes, delightful desserts, and insightful glimpses of life in Paris. His images may inspire not only your palate, but also your wanderlust.

7. @chocolateforbasil

Chocolate For Basil, a James Beard Award-winning blog, showcases the culinary exploits of a vegetarian living with a meat-eating boyfriend. It’s a treasure trove of food ideas for diverse dietary preferences.

8. @gastroart

Gastro Art compiles brilliant efforts of chefs producing aesthetically intriguing dishes. It goes beyond food and delves into artistry, making it a fascinating follow for those interested in gourmet and innovative cuisine.


Fifteen-year-old Jose amazes Instagram with his visually stunning and tastefully tempting vegan meals and desserts. Naturally Jo proves that age doesn't limit creativity and culinary talent.