Top 10 Instagram Hashtags Every User Should Know: A Comprehensive Guide for 2022

Discover the power of Instagram hashtags in this comprehensive guide. We delve deep into the world of Instagram and provide you with the top 10 must-know hashtags that can skyrocket your reach. Whether you're a business, brand, influencer, or simple Instagram user, understanding the use of strategic hashtags is a game-changer. Get ready to amplify your social media presence today!

Understanding the Power of Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags serve as golden keys unlocking a world of endless possibilities. They are essentially Instagram's sorting process. With a whopping 95 million photos posted daily, it's crucial to be part of the mix. This section unveils the art and methodology behind effective hashtag usage. It's not just about adding a '#', it’s about engaging, trending, and creating visibility.

#1 InstaGood

#InstaGood is a popular general hashtag used to describe anything people feel is good. By using this popular hashtag, you're more likely to gain exposure. Use it freely, but remember always to complement it with other targeted hashtags.

#2 PhotoOfTheDay

This hashtag serves a dual purpose. It's perfect for a stunning image that you believe stands out, but it's also used by Instagram for its 'Photo of the Day' feature. You might just get lucky and have Instagram feature your image.

#3 Love

#Love is one of the most frequently used Instagram hashtags. Ideal for pictures portraying affection and warmth, this hashtag can also trigger more large-scale engagement.

#4 InstaMood

#Instamood is another trendy general hashtag. Used to describe the mood of the photo or the creator, it urges others to share their feelings. Whether you're in a #happy or #sad mood, let the world know.

#5 ThrowbackThursday or #TBT

Who doesn't love a good throwback? #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT is a nostalgic hashtag. Perfect for sharing memories of the past, it's often used on, well, you guessed it, Thursday!

#6 InstaPic

#InstaPic is yet another general hashtag. Unlike other tags, you can tag any photo with this, making it a great overall hashtag.

#7 NoFilter

Proud of that naturally lit photograph? Use #NoFilter. Users often use this tag when posting photos where lighting, times of the day, or natural surroundings create a great image without editing.

#8 FollowMe

Working on building a community or looking for more follower engagement? Use the hashtag #FollowMe. But remember, engagement doesn't end at a follow! Keep posting quality content and interact with your followers regularly.

#9 InstaDaily

For those who love to post everyday activities, #InstaDaily is your go-to hashtag. It suggests a commitment to regular posting, often appreciated by followers and seen favorably by Instagram's algorithm.

#10 Igers

Short for 'Instagrammers', #Igers helps you reach a broader audience beyond your followers. It's especially beneficial if you're aiming to reach a large, active community.

Make Your Hashtags Work for You

While this guide provides a fix of essential hashtags, remember that the best strategy often includes a mix of popular hashtags and specific niches. Smart hashtag strategy can propel your content to new reach.


Harness the power of Instagram hashtags. Understand them, use them, and let them take your profile to new heights of discovery. Remember, Instagram is a community, and communities thrive on interaction. Happy hashtagging!