Top 5 Unsurpassed iOS Photography Apps for Breathtaking Photos

In the modern era of technology-enhanced photography, you don't necessarily need a professional DSLR to capture stunning images. What you need is the right tool in your hand, and with today's high-end smartphones, you can achieve surprising results. Here, we'll explore the top 5 iOS photography apps that can exponentially elevate your smartphone photography game, enabling you to click amazing photos right from your iPhone.

VSCO: The Ultimate Photography App

VSCO is an all-encompassing photography app that blends a wholesome digital darkroom and a flourishing creative community. Not only does the app offer an abundance of filters, but it also provides in-depth post-processing tools. These features allow the user to adjust exposure, contrast, temperature, and more, offering greater control over the final image. Free to download, with in-app purchases for additional presets and tools, VSCO transforms your everyday images into works of art, making it a must-have for any iPhoneographer.

Snapseed: Perfect Fine-Tuned Adjustments

Developed by Google, Snapseed is a powerful iOS photography app that offers a range of editing and enhancing tools. From precise color and exposure adjustments to a variety of finishes for a truly creative touch, the app is renowned for its ability to fine-tune and edit photos at a granular level. The 'Selective Adjust' tool is a distinctive feature that lets you apply effects and filters to selected parts of your image. Also, the app supports raw file formats, enabling you to take your DSLR photos and edit them directly on your iPhone.

ProCam 8: An Advanced Manual Camera App

For those wanting DSLR-like control over settings and shooting features, ProCam 8 offers a variety of modes to choose from. These modes include Photo, Night Mode, Burst Mode, Slow Shutter, and 3D Photos. Its manual controls offer the freedom to tweak aspects such as exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance. Additionally, the app has a range of live lenses and filters for added creativity, making ProCam 8 a versatile and comprehensive tool for those serious about their iPhone photography.

Afterlight 2: The Artistic Touch

Afterlight 2 is a full-featured photo editing app that provides ample creative options. The app lets you fine-tune your images with fusion filters, cropping and transformation tools, frames, and artwork options, allowing for a bespoke finish. A standout feature is the 'Double Exposure' tool that blends images together to create unique, customizable layering effects. Afterlight 2 combines intuitive design with powerful tools, providing an artistic touch for your photography.

Adobe Lightroom CC: Power of Adobe on your iPhone

Adobe Lightroom CC is a robust iOS photography app with impressive tools for editing your images. The app provides powerful features including curves and color mix tools, and graduated and radial filters, which make detailed edits simpler. It's a cloud-based app, ensuring your edits are synchronized and saved. Lightroom CC also offers a camera feature with advanced settings, making it both a complete photo editing tool and an advanced camera app. Although all features aren't available for free, the subscription is worth considering for serious photographers.