Top 10 iOS Apps for Creatives in 2021: Boost Your Artistry on the Go

Harness the power of your creativity with these exceptional iOS apps designed specifically for creatives. Whether you're a digital artist, a musician, a writer, or a designer, there's an app for you in our list of the top 10 iOS apps for creatives in 2021. Get ready to spark your imagination and improve your workflow, all from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad.

Procreate: Powerhouse for Digital Artists

Procreate, a favorite among digital artists, features a comprehensive set of sketching, painting, and animation tools. With its intuitive interface, this app allows you to create and customize brushes, layer artwork, and export high-resolution files. Whether you're a professional designer or a hobbyist, Procreate offers a versatile platform for your art.

GarageBand: Music Creation Studio on Your Device

Transform your iOS device into a recording studio with GarageBand. This app provides a plethora of touch instruments, audio recording features, and a vast library of loops. Whether you're assembling a song or recording a podcast, GarageBand comes equipped with all the tools you need.

Adobe Lightroom: Photography and Editing Multitool

Adobe Lightroom offers an excellent platform for photo editing and organization on iOS. With a focus on professional quality and ease-of-use, this app provides superior adjustments and filters, linear and radial gradients, and precise color grading options. A built-in camera with professional modes elevates mobile photography to a whole new level.

Canva: Graphic Design Made Easy

Canva is a user-friendly design app perfect for creatives of all skill levels. Create impressive graphics, logos, posters, and more with access to a vast library of templates, fonts, and stock photos. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to create stunning visual content.

Concepts: Flexible Sketching and Design

Concepts is a vector drawing app that blends the precision of digital design with the free-flowing nature of sketching. Infinite canvas, customizable brushes, and a comprehensive layer system help turn your ideas into detailed drawings. It's ideal for architects, designers, and illustrators.

LumaFusion: Mobile Video Editing Powerhouse

For videographers, LumaFusion offers a professional-grade mobile editing platform. With features such as multi-track editing, advanced audio tools, and a plethora of effects, this app offers the ability to edit 4K video right on your iOS device.

Astropad Studio: Your iPad as a Drawing Tablet

Astropad Studio transforms your iPad into a high-end drawing tablet. It offers a natural drawing experience with zero lag, customizable shortcuts, and support for pressure sensitive pens, making it perfect for digital artists who want to draw directly into Photoshop or any other desktop-class design software.

Coda: Code Editor and SSH Client

For programmers and developers, Coda offers a powerful text editor and an SSH terminal. With support for syntax highlighting for dozens of languages, project-wide autocomplete and powerful file management, Coda brings desktop-class code editing right to your device.

Bear: Elegant Notes and Writing App

Bear helps writers organize their thoughts with a beautiful, clear interface. It blends note-taking and writing functionalities with powerful search, archiving and exporting tools, ensuring a seamless workflow for writers, bloggers and journalists.

Morpholio Trace: Architecture and Design on-the-go

Morpholio Trace is a unique drawing tool designed for architects. Offering tools for sketching, drafting, and detailing, this app combines the freedom of hand drawing with the precision of digital design, making it perfect for architecture on-the-go.