Explore These 10 Hidden iOS Features You Never Knew Existed - Unfold the Latest iPhone Tricks

A world of hidden features awaits you within your iPhone experiences, with this article serving as your ultimate guide. Enhancing your iOS experiences with these surprising tricks can lead to increased productivity, enhanced communication, and an opportunity to impress your colleagues. Let's unravel these 10 hidden iOS features you probably never knew existed.

1. Customized Control Center: Personalize Your iPhone Experience

Many iPhone users are unaware that they can tailor the Control Center according to their preferences. To configure it, go to 'Settings', then 'Control Center', and finally 'Customize Controls'. From there, you can add commands to meet your specific requirements, making your iPhone truly personalized.

2. Dark Mode: Enhance Your Visual Comfort

Introduced in iOS 13, the Dark Mode provides a sleek and eye-friendly interface, especially in low light conditions. Navigate to 'Settings', 'Display and Brightness', and you can choose the Dark Mode option. However, the most intriguing part is the 'Automatic' option, which adjusts your screen's interface depending on sunrise and sunset time.

3. Do Not Disturb While Driving: Safety Comes First

This hidden feature, once activated, sends automatic replies intimating people that you're driving and can't respond right now. Go to 'Settings', 'Do Not Disturb', and you can adjust the feature according to your preferences by selecting 'Activate With Car Bluetooth' or 'Activate Manually'.

4. Invisible Folders: Keep Your Apps Secret

If you want to keep your apps hidden from prying eyes, creating an invisible folder is a clever solution. All you have to do is put your apps into a folder, tap the folder, press on the ‘Name’ field, enter an invisible Unicode character and your folder will become invisible, while still being fully functional.

5. Swipe Calculator: Correct Entry Mistakes Quickly

Making mistakes while entering a long calculation can be annoying but, did you know that the iPhone calculator app comes with a handy trick? You can swipe left or right on the calculation screen to correct entry errors instead of starting all over again.

6. Custom Vibrations: Distinguish Callers Blindly

Assign unique vibration patterns to different contacts. Navigate to 'Contacts', select the relevant contact, click 'Edit', and select 'Vibration' under Ringtone. You can choose from pre-set options or create a new one.

7. Wi-Fi Password Sharing: Effortless Connection Sharing

If both devices are running iOS 12 or later, you can share your Wi-Fi password with guests without actually revealing it. By holding their device close to yours and clicking on the network name, your iPhone will offer to share the password, negating the need to manually enter it.

8. Guided Access: Single App Mode

Want to limit your device to a single app for a period of time? Guided Access is your answer. Navigate to 'Settings', 'Accessibility', and 'Guided Access'. Once activated, you can restrict others to a single app, which is especially helpful when lending your device to children or during presentations.

9. Emergency SOS: Safety at Your Fingertips

In emergency situations, your iPhone can be your biggest ally. By pressing the side button five times in a row, your iPhone automatically dials emergency services for your region. This function can be tweaked within the 'Emergency SOS' option under 'Settings'.

10. Measure App: Turn Your iPhone into a Measuring Tape

Smart Measure in iOS 12 offers a handy virtual measuring tape. Simply point your phone's camera to the object you want to measure, and it will give you a pretty accurate result. A much-needed feature when you need a measuring tape but can't find one around.