The Top Instagram Trends to Watch in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

In this dynamic digital age, staying updated with the latest Instagram trends can make or break your social media marketing strategy. For brands, influencers, and keen marketers, discover the top Instagram trends to watch in 2021.

Shift Towards Authenticity

The year 2021 is about authenticity on Instagram. Perfection is out, and real, relatable content is in. Gone are the days when picture-perfect feeds won the game. Today, it's about genuine connection, heartfelt stories, and real conversations. Followers are looking for brands and influencers that resonate with them on a human level, content that makes them feel seen, heard, and understood. It is also the age of user-generated content, which builds on this sense of authenticity, as Followers view content created by real people as more trustworthy.

AR Filters and Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have been trending for quite a while now, and they are expected to continue to dominate in 2021. With the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) filters, brands and influencers have an unprecedented opportunity to engage their audience in an interactive manner. The custom-made AR filters are a fun and memorable way to stand out, drive brand awareness, engagement, and even lead generation. They are customizable, which means their design can reflect brand’s aesthetics, and even contain branded elements, logos or products.

Increased Use of Instagram Shops and Product Tags

E-commerce has been rapidly growing in the past years, but 2020 and the global pandemic have added fuel to this trend and massively expedited its growth. Instagram has responded by rolling out Instagram Shops, a new in-app shopping experience that makes it even easier for customers to shop from their favorite brands without leaving the app. Therefore, one of the major trends for 2021 is expected to be the increased use of Instagram Shops, and product tags to make in-app shopping seamless.

IGTV and Instagram Reels

Following the rise of video content and the success of TikTok, Instagram has launched Reels, a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. IGTV and Reels are expected to continue to grow in 2021, providing brands with innovative ways to connect with their audience and share their brand story in a more dynamic, engaging way. From behind-the-scenes Reels to industry tips and tricks, tutorials, or product demonstrations, there are endless possibilities.

Instagram Guides

Another new feature launched recently by Instagram, the Instagram Guides, offers a new, easy way to share and consume helpful tips, recommendations, and other information in an easy-to-digest format. For brands, it opens up a range of possibilities, from sharing product recommendations to tutorials, tips, resources, and more. This kind of content inspires trust and positions them as an authority in their field.

Growth of Micro-Influencers

The influence of celebrities and mega-influencers (those with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers) is expected to decline. Instead, more brands and marketers are aiming their focus on micro-influencers, those with a smaller but more engaged and targeted audience. Micro-influencers are perceived as being more authentic and relatable, and have a more engaged community, counting their colleagues, friends, and family among their followers, which gives their recommendations more weight.