Top 10 Best Android Book Reading Apps for Literary Enthusiasts in 2021

In the digital age, reading has become much more accessible and far-reaching, largely thanks to e-books and book reading apps. If you’re an Android user and a bookworm, this article will introduce you to some of the best Android book reading apps to help you devour your favorite literature right from your device.

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a household name in the global e-reading landscape. In addition to its vast library of over six million books, the app excels at intuitive features like adjustable text color and size, built-in dictionary, Google and Wikipedia search, among others. Furthermore, Kindle offers choices between white, black, and sepia themes for comfortable reading.

2. Google Play Books

Google Play Books provides a rich reading experience with millions of titles to choose from. It stands out with features like offline reading, bookmarking, automatic syncing across devices, customizable reading experience, and high-quality audiobooks. Another appealing aspect is its 'Read Aloud' feature, which essentially reads the text to you.

3. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko is another popular Android e-book reader app that supports ePub, PDF, and Adobe DRM encrypted e-books. It furnishes features like adjustable fonts, background color, brightness, great user interface along with a solid selection of books in its store. A standout feature is the night-time reading mode that lowers the strain on your eyes.

4. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader offers a welcoming and comfortable reading experience with over 10 different themes, eye protection mode, and impressive control over display settings. The app is compatible with a myriad of formats like ePub, PDF, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, etc. Its auto-scrolling mode, the capacity to backup and restore settings across devices make it a must-have for avid readers.

5. Nook: Read eBooks & Magazines

Nook is powered by Barnes and Noble, featuring access to over 4 million books, graphic novels, comics, etc. Its intuitive interface combined with customization options like changing themes, spacing, font styles, and sizes delivers a satisfactory reading experience. A unique feature, Nook Audiobooks, offers access to a vast selection of audiobooks.

6. PocketBook Reader

PocketBook Reader boasts compatibility with 26 book and audio formats, which pretty much includes every format you might need. It presents several personalization options like changing the theme, scroll modes, and font sizes. The text-to-speech function in multiple languages is another notable feature. The app also allows you to import books in EPUB and PDF formats.

7. FBReader

FBReader stands out for its simplicity and compatibility with diverse file formats including ePub, RTF, doc, HTML, mobi, and more. It supports multiple languages and includes an integrated dictionary. The app also offers external dictionary support, bookmarks, and the ability to customize your reading screen and text.

8. Kobo Books

While Kobo might not be as famous as Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books, it certainly competes at the same level with millions of titles in its database. The app offers a clean and easy-to-use interface, customizable reading options, and unique features like tracking reading speed and collecting achievements as you read more.

9. Scribd

Scribd is not only an e-book reading app, but also a membership service that provides access to books, magazines, audiobooks, and even sheet music. Besides its impressive library, Scribd stands out with an eye-catching, user-friendly interface, and options to customize the text size, font, background color, and more.

10. OverDrive

OverDrive is unique, making it possible for you to connect with your local libraries digitally. It is an app that lets you borrow e-books, audiobooks, and videos from thousands of public libraries worldwide. All you need is your library card to gain access to an extensive digital collection.