10 Most Useful iOS Widgets You Should Be Using in 2021

Exploit the full potential of your iPhone by leveraging the power of iOS Widgets. With a diverse range of functionalities, from organizing your day with to-do lists and reminders, to keeping track of your health and fitness goals, these handy tools enhance the smartphone experience, delivering information and functionality right at your fingertips. This article helps you understand the 10 most useful iOS widgets you should be using in 2021.

1. Smart Stack Widget in iOS

One of the most versatile iOS widgets, the Smart Stack, brilliantly combines multiple widget functions into one. Based on usage patterns and time of day, the Smart Stack widget shows the most relevant widget on your home screen. Whether it's news in the morning, calendar events in the daytime, or fitness tracking in the evening, Smart Stack keeps the optimal widget on display, providing efficiency and saving space on your home screen.

2. Apple Fitness Widget

Perfect for health conscious and fitness enthusiasts, the Apple Fitness widget provides quick access to your daily activity metrics. It tracks your movement, exercise routines, and standing hours. At a glance, your daily progress is measured against your fitness goals. This widget makes it easy to stay motivated and mindful about health throughout the day.

3. Weather Widget

The Weather widget ensures you're always prepared for the day's conditions. With real-time weather updates right on your home screen, you are provided with exact temperatures, forecasts, and weather conditions. A simple swipe allows you to switch between your current location to other saved location's weather updates.

4. Calendar Widget

Get rid of the fear of forgetting important events or meetings with the help of the Calendar widget. It provides an overview of your day or week ahead, indicating all scheduled activities directly from your home screen. Managing time and staying organized has never been more effortless.

5. Notes Widget

The Notes widget allows you to pin important notes and checklists to your home screen. From grocery lists to meeting notes, or even inspiring quotes, this widget assures that your notes are easily accessible and hard to forget.

6. Batteries Widget

Ideal for those using multiple Apple devices, including Apple Watch and AirPods, the Batteries widget provides a consolidated view of the battery status for all connected devices. Stay informed about your device's battery life without the need to check each device individually.

7. Screen Time Widget

The Screen Time widget helps measure and manage your device usage. It provides a daily and weekly report about the time you spend on apps and websites, allowing you to make conscious decisions about limiting or increasing certain activities.

8. Reminders Widget

Never forget a task or deadline again with the Reminders widget. This useful iOS widget offers a quick view of upcoming reminders, enabling you to keep an eye on important tasks and easily mark them as done once completed.

9. Siri Suggestions Widget

[The Siri Suggestions widget predicts and suggests actions such as texting a friend, ordering a coffee, or listening to a podcast based on your iPhone usage patterns. It learns from your behavior, providing shortcuts to frequent activities and thus saving your time.

10. Clock Widget

The Clock widget allows you to check current times from around the world. If you communicate with people in different time zones or travel often, this widget is a must-have. It provides quick access to different world clocks directly from your home screen.