Uncover the Hidden Gems: Top 10 Secret Features of Apple's iOS

Dive into the depth of Apple's iOS paradise and discover the top 10 hidden features that can give you an unprecedented smartphone experience. These secret tools, often overlooked, can greatly enhance your productivity and convenience when using your Apple device.

Feature 1: Detailed Battery Information

To start off our exploration, Apple iOS offers detailed insight into battery utilization. Go to settings, and select the 'Battery' option. Here, under the 'Battery Usage by App' feature, you can see how much battery each application is consuming. This not only helps you understand which apps are draining your power but also implements efficient battery management for a longer lifespan.

Feature 2: Wi-Fi Calling

Under the 'Phone' settings, there's a feature named 'Wi-Fi calling'. This tool allows you to make and receive calls via Wi-Fi when the cellular network is unstable or unavailable. Remember to enable this feature for a seamless communication experience.

Feature 3: Text Replacement Shortcuts

Under 'General' settings, find the 'Keyboards' option and select 'Text Replacement'. This feature allows you to create custom shortcuts for frequently used terms or sentences. This handy feature is great for anyone wanting to speed up their texting or emailing process.

Feature 4: Customized Control Center

The Control Center on iOS can be customized to house your most frequently used features. By heading to 'Settings' then 'Control Center' and 'Customize Controls', you can choose what features you want just a swipe away.

Feature 5: Shake to Undo

It may come as a surprise that simply shaking your iPhone can undo typing errors. The 'Shake to Undo' feature instantly erases what you have just typed, saving you from manually erasing each mistake.

Feature 6: Hidden Level Tool

Unknown to many, your iPhone has a built-in level tool. Find it by going to the 'Measure' app, swipe left and you'll find a level option. It’s a handy inclusion for a host of everyday tasks.

Feature 7: Reachability for Easy Navigation

Struggling using your iPhone with one hand? The 'Reachability' feature allows you to bring the top of the screen down. To activate it, simply double tap the home button without pressing it, and the top of the screen will slide down.

Feature 8: Guided Access

The 'Guided Access' feature, which can be found under 'Accessibility' settings, locks your iPhone to a single app. This can be useful when handing your iPhone to someone else, especially to children, and you want to ensure they won't exit the app.

Feature 9: Emergency SOS

This safety feature provides you with a shortcut to call emergency services. By clicking your power button five times in a row, you will get an option to slide and make an emergency call.

Feature 10: Offload Unused Apps

Apple iOS automatically deletes apps you haven’t used in a while, yet keeps their data, when storage is running low. To set it up, go to 'Settings', then 'General', 'iPhone Storage' and lastly select 'Offload Unused Apps'.