Top Affordable Spring Break Destinations For College Students in 2021

While spring break is a time many college students look forward to, finding an affordable destination can be a challenge. Fear not, we've compiled a list of the most budget-friendly, yet exhilarating locations to make your Spring Break an unforgettable adventure. Discover a variety of awe-inspiring terrains, picturesque beaches and lively festivals – all within your budget.

The Lively City of Cancun - Mexico

Known globally for its white sand beaches and vibrant night life, Cancun is a top spring break destination. It's not only affordable, it guarantees fun and entertainment for every college student. Explore the rich history of the Mayan ruins or unwind on the Caribbean beaches. Eating out is also relatively cheap, as you can enjoy a meal for as little as $5. The city is also packed with affordable accommodations and resorts that do not compromise on comfort or luxury.

Enjoy the Southern Charm of Savannah - Georgia

If you're not particularly keen on beaches, then Savannah, Georgia should be your destination. This city offers a beautiful blend of southern charm and history. Savour delicious southern cuisine or take a ghost tour through the historic district. Most of Savannah’s attractions are free or low-cost, making meals and accommodations quite affordable. Best of all, it's a short drive from most eastern and mid-western states so you can save on flight costs.

Natural Wonders in Puerto Rico

Experience the Caribbean at a fraction of the cost in Puerto Rico. Flights are typically cheaper compared to other Caribbean locations and once you're there, enjoy free admission to most of its natural wonders. Sink your toes in miles of pristine beaches, explore the lush rainforests, or visit the bioluminescent bays. San Juan, the bustling capital, is also known for its vibrant nightlife.

The City of Festivals - Montreal, Canada

For a European vibe closer to home, college students can look at Montreal, Canada as an affordable spring break spot. The city provides a spectacular blend of European architecture, interesting history and vibrant music festivals. Many of Montreal’s attractions are inexpensive and public transportation is both efficient and affordable, eliminating the need for rental cars.

Explore Ancient Treasures in Greece

Traveling to Europe for Spring Break may seem extravagant, yet Greece is surprisingly affordable. Visit Athens and explore ancient ruins, indulge in tasty Greek cuisine for a fraction of what it would cost somewhere else. Choose accommodation in youth hostels or budget hotels to stretch your dollar further. Also, consider island hopping to places like Santorini and Mykonos to enjoy beautiful beaches and unique local culture.