Top 5 Instagram Accounts Every Book Lover Should Follow

Instagram may be notorious for stunning pictures and trend-setting influencers, but nestled between the food pics and fashion shots is a robust community of bibliophiles. From inspiring posts and book recommendations to in-depth reviews, these five Instagram accounts are the ones that every book lover should be following.

1. TheReadingRoom (@thereadingroom_)

TheReadingRoom offers a delightful mix of aesthetic bookshelf snaps, beach reading scenarios, and pages of timeless classics sprinkled with beautiful quotes. The account operates with a unique ‘show and tell’ style review system where a short, impactful review accompanies most of their posts, giving followers the essence of the discussed book and making their posts the ideal 'bite-sized' reviews. Their page isn’t just about reviews and photographs, they also share interesting trivia about authors and their works, so it’s an enriching account to follow.

2. Book of the Month (@bookofthemonth)

Book of the Month is a popular book subscription box with a robust Instagram presence. Their feed features enticing shots of their current and upcoming picks. But, if you simply can’t wait for the book to arrive on your doorstep, then their candid author interviews, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and review posts will definitely make the wait easier. The colors and flat lays of their posts are enough to swoon any bibliophile over, making @bookofthemonth a delightful follow.

3. Lastnightsreading (@lastnightsreading)

Lastnightsreading is the brainchild of Kate Gavino who attends book readings in Brooklyn and sketches the authors along with their best quotes from the night. This account isn't your normal book Instagram. Instead, it gives followers a unique insight into the world of authors beyond their books. Quaint sketches paired with meaningful quotes make following @lastnightsreading a whimsical experience.

4. Hot Dudes Reading (@hotdudesreading)

If you love books and are a sucker for handsome men, then the Instagram page @hotdudesreading is your heaven! Humorous and steadfastly on-brand, the account shares candid photos of attractive men engrossed in books in public spaces. The captions are delightfully cheeky, and they occasionally spotlight the titles the 'hot dudes' are reading. It’s a fun, refreshing page to add into the mix of more traditional book Instagrams.

5. BookBaristas (@bookbaristas)

BookBaristas, run by Natasha Minoso, combines two of life's finest pleasures—books and coffee—in its content. Featuring vibrant photo styling, coupled with short, snappy reviews and glimpses of New York City, this account exudes a cosy, comfortable vibe. @bookbaristas embodies the feeling of a relaxed afternoon spent in a café with a good book, making it a must-follow for every bibliophile. In addition to book reviews, the account also offers information about publishers, authors and holds fun contest giveaways too.