Top 10 Youtube Channels for Education and Learning: Grasp Knowledge from The Comfort of Home

With an easy access to the internet and digital technologies, learning has crossed the boundaries of classrooms and has reached to our comfort zones. Making the most of this digital era, this guide will walk you through the best YouTube channels for education and learning that can satisfy your curiosity and thirst for knowledge right from the comfort of your home.

1. Khan Academy: Your Personal Tutor

Available in dozens of different languages, Khan Academy's YouTube channel is a vital resource for learners of all ages. With courses in math, science, engineering, humanities, computing and more, Khan Academy provides a comprehensive and in-depth learning experience. The channel offers easy-to-follow explainer videos and practice exercises that are perfect for learners seeking to master a specific subject.

2. TED-Ed: Ideas Worth Sharing in Education

The official YouTube channel of TED-Ed is an extension of its mission to spread ideas. The educational videos are beautifully illustrated and expertly animated, bringing to life ideas from educators around the world. Any topic from science to literature, history, and social issues is potential fodder for a TED-Ed lesson, making this channel a must-visit for any eager learner.

3. Crash Course: In-Depth Learning in Minutes

Whether you're cramming for a test or just want to learn about a subject in a short amount of time, Crash Course is the YouTube channel to turn to. Each video is a fast-paced tour of a given subject area, taught by hosts who keep the material engaging and entertaining. The channel covers a wide range of topics from science to literature, history, and philosophy.

4. Vsauce: The Joy of Intellectual Curiosity

Do you ever wonder about the why's and how's of the world around you? Then Vsauce is your go-to channel. Packing a joyful intellectual curiosity, Vsauce shares videos on scientific, psychological, philosophical, and mathematical topics. The videos are packed with a perfect mix of humor, information, and intrigue - just enough to expand your mind in all direction!

5. Minute Physics: One-Minute Wonders of Physics

Physics can be a tough subject for many, but not when Minute Physics is your tutor. This YouTube channel delivers complex physics concepts in bite-sized, digestible pieces with the aid of time-lapsed drawings. This simple yet effective teaching method is perfect for those looking to wrap their heads around a topic quickly.

6. Veritasium: Experiments, Expert Interviews, and Cool Demos

Veritasium is more than just a YouTube channel; it's a journey into the world of science. Here, you'll find experiments, expert interviews, demonstrations, and discussions on everything from physics to biology. The channel presents the wonder, beauty, and power of science in a compelling manner that often involves hands-on demonstrations.

7. Smarter Every Day: Exploration of The World through Science

Smarter Every Day isn't your average educational YouTube channel. With scientific exploration at its heart, the channel involves diving into an array of topics from animal behavior to space travel, all reinforced with the perspective of a curious learner. It definitely lives up to its name, ensuring its viewers get Smarter Every Day!

8. Big Think: Experts Sharing Knowledge

Want to expand your knowledge by learning directly from the experts? Big Think is an education and knowledge channel that presents viewers with insights from those working at the top of their field. From Elon Musk's thoughts on the future of technology to Michio Kaku's predictions about the universe, you'll find plenty of thought-provoking content on Big Think.

9. The School of Life: Emotional and Psychological Education

Not all learning has to be academic. The School of Life offers education in the emotional and psychological sphere, delivering practical wisdom on topics like relationships, work, self-knowledge and more. It's a thoughtful and thought-provoking channel that will give you new insights into your own life.

10. Sci Show: Daily Dose of Science

Sci Show distills complex scientific concepts into fun, easy-to-digest videos. Whether it's news about a new species discovered or details about a recent weather event or space exploration, you'll find it on Sci Show. Updated almost daily, it's a perfect place to get your regular dose of science knowledge.