Top 10 YouTube Channels Every History Buff Must Subscribe To

Looking to expand your historical knowledge from the comfort of your home? With YouTube's vast array of history channels, you can. Dive into different eras, geographies, and perspectives with our top 10 YouTube channels every history buff must subscribe to.

1. Hardcore History

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is a must-visit for anyone with an interest in the complexities of our past. The long-form content is filled with fascinating narratives and theories that keep you coming back for more. Explore everything from ancient Rome to World War II in masterful detail.

2. The Great War

As the name suggests, The Great War dives deep into one of the most world-altering events in history. Combining a chronological account of happenings with insightful analysis, this channel provides viewers with an in-depth understanding of World War I, week by week.

3. Crash Course History

Crash Course History presents easily digestible yet rich tidbits of history on a multitude of topics. Hosted by John Green, the animated videos are great for people who want to understand major historical events and figures in a short span of time.

4. History Buffs

History Buffs reviews historical movies and TV shows, evaluating their accuracy based on original historical accounts. It's an interesting and unique way to delve into history while critiquing how it has been depicted over the years.

5. Kings and Generals

Kings and Generals narrates the stories of various historical battles, military leaders, and empires. With visuals that include battle strategy maps, this channel is perfect for those interested in war history and military tactics.

6. Timeline - World History Documentaries

Timeline offers an extensive library of world history documentaries, dealing in historical events, biographies, and mysteries. It's a great channel for those who appreciate well-researched and expertly crafted history documentaries.

7. Lindybeige

Lloyd, the host of Lindybeige, is a historical consultant and military history enthusiast. His videos offer valuable insights and educated opinions on various topics ranging from ancient weapons to war strategy.

8. The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered

The host of the channel, Lance Geiger, talks about lesser-known historical events that had a significant impact. The channel rightly propagates that 'History Deserves to Be Remembered' by showcasing incredible stories that didn't always make it into the textbooks.

9. Epic History TV

Epic History TV produces high-quality animated history videos, with a specific focus on military history and epic conflicts. They combine narration, animation, and music to create a gripping viewing experience for history buffs.

10. Historia Civilis

Historia Civilis explores the political and military history of ancient civilizations, particularly focusing on Rome. With simplistic visuals and meticulously detailed narratives, this YouTube channel shines a spotlight on life and conflict in the ancient world.