Top 10 YouTube Channels Every Conspiracy Theorist Must Subscribe To

Dive thirstily into the ocean of unknown by exploring our carefully picked list of ten YouTube channels great for conspiracy theorists. These channels share fascinating videos discussing intriguing theories, secret societies, hidden government secrets, uexplained occurrences, and much more. Tailored for the truth seekers, the following list reveals YouTube's hidden gems that perfectly marry entertainment with non-mainstream hypotheses.

1. Secureteam10

Secureteam10 is a popular destination for ufologists and conspiracy theorists, boasting over two million subscribers. Reports on alien sightings, UFO videos, insider leaks and coverups fuel its posts. The channel often features night vision footage and satellite imagery that eventuates curious debates on extraterrestrial life.

2. Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

There's no surprise in its moniker; Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know divulges topics deemed controversial by society. Narrated in documentary style, the hosts discuss everything from polybius to lucid dreaming, secret government projects, bizarre crimes, and strange science, in order to unmask the truth.

3. Infowars

Infowars is popular and controversial due to its host, Alex Jones, a prominent conspiracy theorist. With a heavy focus on political conspiracies, government coverups, and edgy theories, Infowars has gathered a loyal community eagerly devouring every new video.

4. Truthloader

Truthloader, a project by the British news corporation ITN, boils down big global issues into digestible bites. Breaking away from mainstream media, it uncovers stories that are typically sweated under the rug, ranging from global politics to climate change.

5. Mark Dice

Mark Dice is renowned for spotlighting societal manipulation by media, governments, and celebrities. His videos depict how society is influenced via propaganda, social engineering, and psychological tactics. Many conspiracy theorists find Dice's perspective enlightening and refreshingly skeptical.

6. David Icke

David Icke, a former footballer turned conspiracy theorist, pushes the envelope with discussions on reptilian overlords and new-world-order plans. The channel offers a deep dive into the most extreme end of conspiracy theories, making it a magnetic pull for ardent theorists.


Hard-hitting and in your face, AMTV provides viewers with alternative theories on current events and suppressed news that mainstream media sidesteps. This YouTube channel is adored for its unfiltered perspective on politics, economics, and society.

8. Quasiluminous

Quasiluminous is a personal vlog-style channel where the host shares his theories about life, universe and everything in between. Think of topics like the hollow earth theory, spiritual awakening, and interdimensional travel, and you'll get the gist of Quasiluminous.

9. Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens examines the possibility of extraterrestrials influencing early human civilizations. By unearthing clues to alien visitations in ancient writings, folklores, archaeological sites, this channel takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey through the history as never told before.

10. Strange Mysteries

Strange Mysteries serves a feast of videos that gears to challenge conventional knowledge. Puzzling occurrences, bizarre scientific theories, and cosmic conundrums make this channel a go-to for theorists seeking mind-bending propositions.