Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands for Building an Ethical Wardrobe: A How-To Guide

Drive a positive global impact with style by integrating sustainable brands into your daily wardrobe. This article explores the top 10 sustainable fashion brands you should know about. Make the switch to ethical clothing and support the movement towards fashion sustainability.

Introduction to Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. It takes into account the entire lifecycle of the garment, and beyond, with consideration to environmental, ethical, and economic aspects.

Why Opt For Sustainable Fashion?

Choosing sustainable fashion comes with many advantages. Not only does it minimize the negative environmental impact, but it also promotes fair wages and good working conditions for workers. It’s all about doing good to feel good, and it's a wonderful opportunity to combine fashion with morals.

1. Patagonia: A Pioneer in Sustainable Clothing

Patagonia lives and breathes sustainable fashion. They have adopted fair trade practices and use recycled materials in their products. They have a unique program called 'Worn Wear' which encourages customers to send back their used items for credit.

2. Everlane: Transparency is in style

Everlane has built its entire branding around ethical production and transparency. They share the cost of making each piece, where it was made, and the factory conditions. Their 'ReNew' collection is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

3. Stella McCartney: Luxury meets Sustainability

Stella McCartney is a high-end brand renowned for their commitment to sustainability. The brand has long stood against the use of fur and leather in their collections, without compromising on the luxury aesthetic.

4. People Tree: Eco and Fair-trade Fashion

People Tree partners with fair-trade artisan producers around the world, to bring you eco-friendly and ethically made apparel. They utilize organic cotton in their products, and their clothing is handmade, reducing their carbon footprint.

5. Kotn: Ethically Made Basics

Kotn focuses on minimalist designs and everyday basics all made out of premium Egyptian cotton. They work directly with farmers to create better prices and therefore better livelihoods for those involved in its production.

6. EILEEN FISHER: A Lasting Design Philosophy

EILEEN FISHER has been a sustainable brand before it was a popular concept. They are known for their lasting design philosophy, a system that encourages purchasing fewer but better items that last.

7. EarthKind Originals: Comfortable Sustainable Loungewear

EarthKind Originals is a UK-based brand specializing in sustainable activewear and loungewear. Their core material is organic cotton, which is both durable and biodegradable, in line with the sustainable model of fashion.

8. Mud Jeans: Circular Denim

Mud Jeans is a revolutionary brand that allows you to lease organic, fair-trade jeans, and return them when you’re done. The brand then recycles these jeans, supporting a circular economy.

9. Thought Clothing: Contemporary Sustainable Clothing

Thought Clothing goes above and beyond simply using organic cotton in their pieces, with materials also including hemp, bamboo, and recycled polyester.

10. Girlfriend Collective: Inclusive, Sustainable Activewear

This activewear brand is renowned for its use of recycled materials and inclusive sizing. From recycling bottles and fishing nets, Girlfriend Collective is a go-to brand for ethical activewear.