Top 10 Must-Follow Travel YouTube Channels for the Adventurous Soul

YouTube, the world's biggest video-sharing platform, can serve as your virtual passport to anywhere and everywhere, all from the comfort of your home. In particular, travel YouTube channels have seen a surge in popularity, thanks to their breathtaking visuals, in-depth information, and inspiring content. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or merely someone enthusiastic about exploring the world, these 10 amazing travel YouTube channels are definitely worth subscribing to. They'll take you on exhilarating journeys to dream-like destinations, giving invaluable tips and hacks every globetrotter must know.

1. FunForLouis (Louis Cole)

Adventure enthusiast Louis Cole's channel 'FunForLouis' is a thrilling escapade around the globe. Louis shares his daily life experiences mingling with locals, trying exotic cuisines, and exploring beauty in the most offbeat locations. Ideal for those craving adventure and spontaneity in their travels.

2. Rick Steves' Europe

A travel mogul and an acclaimed author, Rick Steves has been bringing his unique and culturally enlightening perspective of European travel to YouTube for over a decade. His channel revolves around both popular and lesser-known European destinations, delivering travel guides that strike a perfect balance between entertainment and education.

3. The Bucket List Family

A family that travels together, stays together! 'The Bucket List Family' is all about a young family's ongoing adventure around the world. With videos focusing on family-friendly places and trips, this channel is ideally suited for parents who love to explore with their little ones.

4. Mark Wiens – Migrationology

For all food-loving travelers out there, Mark Wiens's 'Migrationology' is a gem. Mark's infectious enthusiasm for food takes him to both familiar and obscure corners of the world. This channel will satisfy your wanderlust and foodlust both.

5. The Budgeteers

Travelling the world doesn’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket. 'The Budgeteers' is an ideal YouTube channel for backpackers and budget travelers. Their travel vlogs feature some top travel spots around the world, experienced in the most wallet-friendly way.

6. Expert Vagabond (Matthew Karsten)

Matthew Karsten is a globe-trotting adventurer who's been documenting his travels on 'Expert Vagabond' for 10 years. His high-quality videos offer a mix of stunning visuals, travel stories, and expert travel advice. A channel suitable for people who love immersing themselves in new cultures and experiences.

7. Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora of 'Hey Nadine' is one of YouTube's top travel vloggers, known for her fun, quirky videos. She covers everything from solo-travel guides, budget hacks, to myth-busting travel misconceptions. A perfect watch for those who seek a blend of fun and information.

8. Gone with the Wynns

Say hello to sustainable travelling with Jason and Nikki Wynn. The channel 'Gone with the Wynns' is a chronicle of a couple’s life on the road and water, prioritizing green travel and sustainable tourism. The channel is filled with helpful advice for travelers who aspire to make their journey more eco-friendly.

9. Sam and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos

This dynamic traveling married couple vlog about their fascinating adventures in various parts of the globe. 'Sam and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos' is a lighter watch which covers not only visually pleasing travelogues but plenty of mouthwatering food videos too.

10. Kara and Nate

With a goal to visit 100 countries, Kara and Nate document their journey with mesmerizing videos. From travel hacks, logistics, to monetizing travel, this channel offers a glimpse into the life of full-time travelers.