The Most Viewed YouTube Channels in Different Countries and Languages

YouTube has become one of the most popular video-sharing platforms worldwide. With millions of users uploading content daily in various languages, it’s no surprise that there are numerous YouTube channels with massive followings. This article will explore the most viewed YouTube channels in different countries and languages.

United States

The most viewed YouTube channel in the United States is T-Series, an Indian music label. With over 121 million subscribers, T-Series has become the first YouTube channel to surpass 100 million subscribers. Other popular YouTube channels in the US include PewDiePie, Shane Dawson TV, and Dude Perfect.


As mentioned earlier, T-Series is the most popular YouTube channel in India. It has over 183 million subscribers and mainly features Bollywood music. Other popular YouTube channels in India include CarryMinati, Technical Guruji, and BB Ki Vines.


KondZilla is the most viewed YouTube channel in Brazil with over 64 million subscribers. It is known for producing music videos for Brazilian funk artists. Other popular Brazilian YouTube channels include Canal KondZilla, Felipe Neto, and CanalCanalha.


The most viewed YouTube channel in Japan is HIKAKIN, a popular YouTuber known for his beatboxing skills. He has over 6.61 million subscribers. Other popular Japanese YouTube channels include Fischer's, HIROYUKI TERADA - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef, and FBE.

South Korea

Blackpink is the most viewed YouTube channel in South Korea with over 55 million subscribers. The channel features music videos and performances by the K-pop girl group. Other popular South Korean YouTube channels include BANGTANTV, JYP Entertainment, and 1theK (원더케이).