The Advantages and Disadvantages of Running Facebook Contests - A Comprehensive Guide

An in-depth analysis discussing the benefits and potential drawbacks of running contests on Facebook; a social media platform employed by businesses to engage with audiences, boost brand visibility, and establish deeper connections with consumers. Complete with practical insights, this guide appeals to businesses considering using Facebook contests as a unique marketing strategy.

Introduction to Facebook Contests

Facebook contests are promotional campaigns run by businesses on the Facebook platform to engage consumers and fuel engagement. Favourite campaigns include photo contests, sweepstakes, quizzes, and many more. These contests utilise Facebook's vast user base and the interactive nature of social media to boost brand visibility, engagement, and potential sales.

Exploring the Pros of Facebook Contests

There exist many advantages to running contests on Facebook. These include increased exposure due to Facebook's over 2.7 billion energetic monthly users, increased engagement as the contests prompt users to comment, like, or share posts, creation of user-generated content which is potent for promotion, cost-effectiveness when compared to traditional marketing campaigns, and the potential to generate new leads and increase sales volume.

Delving into the Cons of Facebook Contests

Despite the potential benefits, there are downsides to this marketing strategy. These include the complexity of Facebook's promotion guidelines which have to be adhered to strictly, the possibility of encouraging low engagement users who are just drawn by the contest prizes, the risk of prize hunters who are not genuinely interested in the brand, and finally, the potential negative effects that badly run contests can have on a brand's reputation.

Keys to Successful Facebook Contests

To ensure success in running Facebook contests, businesses must have clear, measurable goals. The contest should trigger an emotional response and possess a simple entry procedure. Publicizing the contest adequately and ensuring it is mobile-friendly are key. Monitoring and analyzing the contest performance will facilitate improvements in future campaigns.

Reasons Facebook Contests Might Fail

Contrarily, several factors can hinder a Facebook contest from reaching its full potential. Lacking a clear purpose, an unappealing reward, or an overcomplicated entry process are common issues. Poor promotion of the contest and failing to follow the Facebook contest rules can lead to disqualification of the contest and have adverse effects on the brand reputation.


While Facebook contests can be a potent marketing tool, their success is contingent on the careful planning, execution and analysis. Taking into account the pros and cons outlined in this guide will equip businesses to run effective contests and overcome potential pitfalls.