Mastering LinkedIn Video Strategy: Proven tactics for Better Engagement

LinkedIn, the professional networking giant, has become a potent platform for businesses and professionals. Its video feature has emerged as a valuable asset for those who are looking to expand their professional reach, build their brand, and solidify their online reputation. But not all videos get equal attention. The question that arises is - how can you make your LinkedIn videos more effective? In this in-depth guide, we delve into powerful strategies that can improve your LinkedIn video engagement.

Understanding LinkedIn Video and its Importance

Before jumping headfirst into the strategies, let's first understand the basics. LinkedIn video is a feature that lets users integrate videos into their posts or direct messages. This has revolutionized the sharing scene on LinkedIn, offering a more personal and impactful way to communicate. Videos are more engaging than textual content and are known to generate more shares. They convey a story more capably, helping form stronger connections. Hence, a strong LinkedIn video strategy is crucial for anyone looking for potent business networking.

Optimizing Video Length For Improved Engagement

While LinkedIn allows you to upload videos upto ten minutes long, the optimal video length is much shorter. Data suggests that videos between 30 seconds to one minute long perform the best in terms of engagement. They are concise enough to hold the viewers' attention and long enough to deliver a clear message. Carefully review and edit your videos to deliver the most impact in the shortest time possible.

Creating a Compelling Video Story

Stories make for compelling videos. They stimulate emotions, hold attention, and encourage viewers to share your videos. While creating your LinkedIn video, focus on telling a story. It could be your personal journey, a client success story, or how your product is improving lives. Remember, people connect more with personal Stories than promotional content. So, keep your videos real, authentic, and emotionally engaging.

Utilizing a Strong CTA (Call-To-Action)

What is the purpose of your video? Be it driving traffic to your website, increasing newsletter sign-ups, or boosting webinar attendance - your video should guide the viewers towards that goal. This is where a strong Call-to-Action (CTA) comes in. Towards the end of your video, or sometimes even in the beginning, direct your viewers to take a desired action. Your CTA could be a simple request to visit your website or to share your video. Make sure it aligns with your video content and overall marketing strategy.

Harnessing the Power of Captions

Up to 80% of videos on LinkedIn are watched on mute according to LinkedIn's own data. This is where captions can save the day. Mostly overlooked, adding captions to your LinkedIn videos broadens your audience reach. It not only aids viewing in silent environments but also improves accessibility. Not to mention it has SEO benefits too. Including a transcript of the video content makes your video more discoverable through search engines.

Keeping Mobile Viewers in Mind

As per LinkedIn's video viewership data, 60% of their users are mobile viewers. So, your LinkedIn video strategy should keep mobile users at the heart. Ensure your videos are mobile-friendly. Keep your text and graphics large enough to be clearly seen on smaller screens. Test your video on a mobile device before posting. Remember, a video that is not optimized for mobile can discourage a significant portion of your target audience.