Leveraging LinkedIn's 'Who Viewed Your Profile' for Effective Prospecting

LinkedIn's 'Who Viewed Your Profile' feature can serve as an invaluable tool for prospecting. With over 700 million professionals on LinkedIn, understanding how to use this feature strategically can help you tap into potential leads, enhance your personal brand, and develop a robust network for success. This guide will help you unravel effective techniques for leveraging 'Who Viewed Your Profile' for targeted prospecting.

Understanding the 'Who Viewed Your Profile' Feature

The 'Who Viewed Your Profile' feature on LinkedIn reveals who viewed your profile over the past 90 days. It provides insight into your profile's visibility and even allows you to know the industry and geography of the viewers, which can help in tailor-made prospecting. This is a unique feature that can help reveal potential leads, potential employers, potential colleagues, and even potential mentors.

Identifying Potential Leads With 'Who Viewed Your Profile'

It's essential to know how to filter potential leads from the list of individuals who have viewed your profile. Genuine interest is the foundation for fruitful business relationships, shown by an individual viewing your profile on their own accord. With the 'Who Viewed Your Profile' feature, you can identify these individuals, reach out to them appropriately, and convert them into potential leads.

Enhancing Your Personal Brand

The 'Who Viewed Your Profile' feature holds a mirror to how your personal brand resonates with your industry peers. Understanding who views your profile can help refine your personal brand consistently, ensuring it aligns with your desired audience. If the viewers align with your targeted audience, your personal brand is on a good path. This experience is also an opportunity to tailor your posts to appeal to the interests of your Profile viewers.

Establishing a Robust Network

With LinkedIn's 'Who Viewed Your Profile', you can forge meaningful connections leading to a robust network. Establishing a solid network is not about assuming every viewer can become a connection but discerning who you share common interests with professionally. This shared interest is a jumping-off point for establishing a connection.

Boosting 'Who Viewed Your Profile' Visibility

To harness the functionality of the 'Who Viewed Your Profile' feature for prospecting, your profile needs to be viewable. It means ramping up your LinkedIn activity through frequent posts, engaging with other users' posts, joining pertinent groups, and implementing SEO optimization strategies can make your profile highly visible.