Leveraging LinkedIn: Why It Should be a Part of Your Social Media Strategy

LinkedIn has evolved much further than being a platform for job-seekers. With millions of professionals and businesses networking every day, it's an untapped resource for brands looking to elevate their digital presence. This article explores why LinkedIn should be a valuable component of your social media strategy.

The Rise of LinkedIn as a Marketing Powerhouse

LinkedIn is no longer just for job hunters and recruiters. It has transformed into a dynamic platform facilitating meaningful professional connections. As of now, LinkedIn boasts more than 740 million members, a global presence in 200 countries, and it’s the social media of choice for Fortune 500 executives. It has features that are not readily available on other platforms, making it a unique tool for your social media strategy.

Demographics: Your Ideal Customers are Already on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is abundant with professionals and decision-makers who can be potential customers for numerous brands. It is the number one platform for B2B lead generation, as it is 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. Besides, 45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management, meaning your business has the opportunity to reach key decision-makers directly.

LinkedIn's Publishing Platform & Influencer Network

LinkedIn's publishing platform gives users a great opportunity to establish thought leadership within their industry. Sharing insights, expertise, and industry-related content can boost your company’s credibility, helping to attract and retain customers. Moreover, you can leverage LinkedIn’s influencer network. These influencers, a blend of top-tier executives and thought leaders, can help amplify your content’s reach.

Sponsored Content, Ads & Sales Navigator

LinkedIn offers a variety of targeted ad options and sophisticated algorithm that ensures your content and ads reach the most relevant audiences. Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content in particular have proven to be effective for numerous brands. Moreover, the Sales Navigator tool can help you identify, understand and engage with leads making your marketing strategy more actionable.

Creating a Group or Community

LinkedIn allows you to create specific interest groups where you can facilitate discussions, share content, and create a community. It's an excellent way to build authority and foster a sense of loyalty among customers and peers in your industry.

Leveraging Employee Advocacy

Encourage your employees to become brand ambassadors on LinkedIn. Their collective networks are likely larger than your company's followers, and studies have shown people trust content shared by their network more than brand-generated content. Encouraging your employees to share updates about your company can increase your brand’s visibility exponentially.