Instagram Stories: Innovative Behind-the-Scenes Content Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

Instagram Stories provides a unique platform for businesses to connect intimately with their audience. By pulling back the veil and showcasing behind-the-scenes content, businesses can increase authenticity, drive engagement, and strengthen brand loyalty. Our article offers a myriad of brilliant ideas you can consider.

Understanding Instagram Stories and Its Power

Instagram, with over a billion active users worldwide, has presented various features to help businesses thrive, and Instagram Stories tops the chart. It allows users to share photos and short videos that vanish after 24 hours - creating an exciting, ephemeral atmosphere that keeps users glued. They are prominently displayed at the top of user timelines, making them hard to miss. With over 50% of brands on Instagram utilizing stories, businesses should leverage this feature to boost visibility, interaction, and conversion rates. This article provides an in-depth exploration of how one can maximize Instagram Stories, particularly by sharing engaging behind-the-scenes content.

Why Showcase Behind-The-Scenes Content on Instagram Stories?

Behind-the-scenes content allows businesses to provide an authentic and unfiltered peek into their operations, team, and values. This realness helps to enhance brand image, as it makes the brand more relatable and trustworthy. Showcasing your work process, office culture, or events helps etch a deeper connection with your audience, nudging them down the conversion funnel.

Innovative Behind-The-Scenes Content Ideas

1. Day-In-The-Life: Provide a glimpse into a typical day in your company. Showcase the team, working process, brainstorming sessions, coffee breaks, and more. It establishes a personal connection and provides a better idea about your business ethos. 2. Teasers or Sneak Peeks: If you are launching a new product, service, event, or blog, sharing teasers creates anticipation and builds excitement. 3. Interviews: Regularly feature employees, leaders, customers, or industry influencers. This adds a personal touch and offers valuable insights from different perspectives. 4. Event Coverage: If you are hosting or attending any event, share it with your followers. It not only provides dynamism but also invites your followers to share in your excitement. 5. Behind-The-Craft: Show how your product is made or your service is performed. It gives a feeling of exclusivity and appreciation for your brand. 6. User-Generated Content: Share content sent in by customers using your products. It fosters a sense of community and speaks volumes about the value your brand delivers.

Maximizing Engagement with Instagram Stories

While posting an Instagram story might seem straightforward, businesses need to strategize effectively to maximize engagement. Here are a few tips: 1. Use Location and Hashtag Stickers: This makes your story discoverable to users who are searching for or tapping on the particular location or hashtag. 2. Regular Updates: Maintain an active presence on Instagram stories to stay top of mind. Aim to post once a day at least. 3. Encourage Interaction: Utilize polls, quizzes, question stickers, or countdown stickers to stimulate interaction. 4. Use CTAs: Drive users to take the action you want through clear Calls to Action (CTAs). For example, 'Swipe Up to Shop' or 'Click the link in Bio'. 5. Maintain Consistency: To enhance brand recall, maintain consistency in the fonts, colors, filters, and overall aesthetics of your Stories.