How to Use Google Analytics for Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. However, it's crucial to measure your email marketing campaigns' effectiveness to make informed decisions. One effective tool is Google Analytics. In this article, we will explain how to use Google Analytics to improve your email marketing campaigns' performance.

Set up Google Analytics for Email Campaigns

To track emails in Google Analytics, you need to set up tracking parameters in your email links. These parameters, also known as UTM parameters, will help you identify which email campaign and which email link generated traffic to your website. You can use Google's Campaign URL builder to create tracking links for your email campaigns. Once you have created your tracking links, you can insert them into your email campaigns' hyperlinks. With tracking links in place, you can now track how many clicks, visits generated by your email campaigns.

Identify Email Metrics in Google Analytics

To identify email metrics in Google Analytics, you need to navigate to the acquisition section, then campaigns, and finally, source/medium report. The source/medium report shows you how your email campaigns are performing. It will provide you with metrics such as sessions, bounce rates, conversions, conversion rates, and revenue data. You can also set up goals such as sign-ups, newsletter subscribes, or purchases to measure your email campaign's success.

Segment Your Email Campaign Data

Segmenting your email campaign data allows you to track email campaigns' specific content or emails' attributes, such as the subject line. To segment your email data in Google Analytics, navigate to the behavior section, then site content, and finally, all pages. You can now filter by UTM parameters to view specific email campaign data. You can then analyze how different campaigns perform concerning different email attributes to optimize future campaigns.

Track Conversions and Revenue

One of the most crucial email marketing metrics is the conversion and revenue generated. With Google Analytics, you can track the revenue generated by your email campaigns. You can do this by setting up goals or E-commerce tracking. E-commerce tracking will provide you with specific metrics such as transactions, revenue, and conversion rate.


Google Analytics is a powerful tool for measuring the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. By setting up tracking parameters, you can track campaign performance, identify email metrics, segment email campaign data, and track revenue generated by email campaigns. Armed with these data-driven insights, you can optimize your future email campaigns to improve your email marketing campaigns' performance.