Green Cities Around the World That are a Must-Visit for Eco-Travelers

With environmental consciousness growing each day, green cities across the globe are stepping up their game. If you're an eco-conscious traveler in search of sustainably managed destinations, the below listed Green Cities are a must-visit for you. Discover how these cities are rewriting the rules of urban design and creating sustainable landscapes that act in harmony with the environment.

Copenhagen, Denmark: A Pioneering Bike-Friendly City

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, is renowned as one of the world's greenest cities. This environmentally friendly city has its sights set on becoming completely carbon-neutral by 2025. Copenhagen is world-famous for its bike-friendly culture with over 375 kilometers of designated bike lanes. The city's ethos of living green extends into its renewable energy sources, green rooftops, and emphasis on organic food.

Vancouver, Canada: Embracing the Green City 2020 Action Plan

Vancouver, located in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, is another must-visit green city. Vancouver's Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, a bold initiative aimed at becoming the greenest city in the world, includes measures such as promoting green transportation, creating zero waste, and reducing carbon footprint significantly. It is also home to the famous Stanley Park, which is larger than Central Park in New York and offers a lush, green retreat in the heart of the city.

Portland, United States: Leading the Sustainability Charge

Portland, Oregon stands as a shining beacon of sustainability in the United States. The city boasts of more than 10,000 acres of green spaces and an extensive network of bike paths. The presence of eco-friendly buildings, farm-to-table dining options, and widespread use of renewable energy makes it a green city par excellence.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Green Living in a Historical City

Amsterdam is a historical city that marries old-world charm with modern sustainability practices. Known for its extensive canal system, cycling culture, and beautiful green spaces, Amsterdam also boasts a commitment to clean technology and energy efficiency. It hosts the world-renowned flower market and is implementing measures to run solely on renewable energy.

Stockholm, Sweden: First Ever Winner of the European Green Capital

In 2010, Stockholm became the first ever winner of the European Green Capital title. The capital city of Sweden is your ideal green city destination with 30% of its area comprising of green spaces. Stockholm's water is so clean that you can swim and fish right in the city center. With 75% of public transport running on renewable energy, Stockholm truly embodies the spirit of sustainability.

Melbourne, Australia: Innovating Urban Sustainability

Melbourne's commitment to sustainability can be seen in its innovative urban landscape. It aims to be a city within a forest by increasing urban forest cover and promoting indigenous flora and fauna. Melbourne also supports urban agriculture projects and is dedicated to reducing its carbon emissions.

Singapore: Where Modernity Meets Sustainability

This city-state is a microcosm of modernity meeting sustainability. Singapore's Green Plan 2030 aims at reducing its carbon emission intensity and becoming a zero-waste nation. The cityscape is a verdant blend of architectural marvels, green spaces, and sky gardens that make it an ideal destination for green city enthusiasts.