5 Creative Ways to Leverage LinkedIn Ads to Boost Your Business

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to connect with industry professionals, job seekers, and like-minded business owners. However, LinkedIn is also proven to be an effective medium to enhance your business visibility and growth, especially through LinkedIn Ads. This article zooms in on five creative strategies to utilize LinkedIn Ads for promoting your business and to achieve optimum results.

1. Focus on Content Marketing

Gain traction from LinkedIn's professional and career-focused audience by focusing on content marketing particularly targeted at this group. Upload eBooks, webinars, blogs, reports, and infographics that are informative and valuable in your industry. Create LinkedIn Ads to promote this content to strategically chosen demographics in your field. This 'infotainment' approach is likely to generate increased interest and engagement, manifesting as higher conversion rates.

2. Use Sponsored InMail to Personalize Promotion

LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail feature allows you to deliver personalized messages directly to user's LinkedIn inbox, making it an excellent tool to establish a direct connection with potential clients or customers. Tailor your message content to address potentials' needs and pain points, expose them to your solutions, and compel them with an actionable CTA. Unlike traditional email marketing, Sponsored InMails guarantee that your message gets delivered when the users are online, increasing the chances of engagement.

3. Targeting Through Matched Audiences

LinkedIn's Matched Audiences is an excellent feature that allows businesses to target Website Visitors, Account targets and Contact targets. Rework your marketing strategies to retarget website visitors, reach out to decision-makers at target companies, or upload a list of targeted contacts. Leverage this feature with LinkedIn Ads to pinpoint high-value prospects and construct a tailored marketing approach.

4. Optimize LinkedIn Ads with Native Video Content

Video content gains more attention and shares on social media than any other form of content, and LinkedIn is no exception. Use LinkedIn's native video ad feature to create interactive, engaging videos about your business, product demos, customer testimonials or behind-the-scenes which depict your company culture. A well-executed video ad has a much higher chance of capturing viewer interest and generating organic shares, which in turn increases your visibility extensively.

5. Leverage Lead Generation Forms for Efficiency

Lead Generation is key in converting interested viewers into potential leads. LinkedIn's lead gen forms are pre-filled with accurate LinkedIn profile data, making it easy to gather quality leads directly from ads without the user needing to leave the platform. This convenience boosts not only your form fill rate by reducing friction in the lead gen process but also increases the chances of conversion. Develop compelling CTAs for your LinkedIn Ads to drive more users to these lead gen forms.