20 DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas: Express Your Festivity Creatively

Get ready to deck your tree with a sprinkle of personal touch and creativity with these 20 DIY Christmas ornament ideas. From glittery baubles to rustic burlap ornaments, this comprehensive guide will provide you with unique, easy-to-follow, and budget-friendly ways to embellish your Christmas tree.

Glittering baubles for a sparkling Christmas

Let's start with the classics: glittering baubles. To make these, you'll need clear glass ornaments, craft glue, a flat brush, and lots of square glitter flakes. Apply glue on the ornament with the brush, then generously sprinkle the glitter flakes. Once dried, you can hang them on the tree or place them in a clear glass bowl for a sparkly centerpiece. Remember to not just stick to traditional Christmas colors, but also experiment with rose gold, silver, or even a mix of warm hues for a unique touch.

Rustic burlap ornaments for a touch of tradition

Burlap ornaments add a rustic touch to your tree. To create these ornaments, you'll need burlap fabric, a hot glue gun, and twine. Cut the burlap into strips and twist and glue them into the desired shapes, from stars to bells. Use the twine to hang them onto your tree. These homemade ornaments will surely bring a heartwarming vintage vibe to your Christmas decoration.

Custom photo ornaments to hold precious memories

Creating custom photo ornaments is a great way to remember the good times. You'll need small photo frames, a printer, and some ribbon. Print out your favorite family photos and insert them into the frames. Tie a ribbon on top of the frames and hang them onto your tree. These customized decorations will visually tell your loved ones' stories, making your Christmas even more special.

Cinnamon stick ornaments for a festive scent

For something simple yet impactful, try making cinnamon stick ornaments. These will not only enrich your tree visually but also fill your home with a warming holiday aroma. All you'll need are cinnamon sticks, twine, and dried orange slices. Bundle a few sticks together, tie them with twine, and accentuate with a dried orange slice. Hanging these on your tree creates a beautiful, sensory experience that draws loved ones together.

Origami ornaments for a dash of sophistication

Origami ornaments offer a modern, stylish twist. They can be made with any paper lying around the house, which adds to their charm. From sophisticated paper stars to delightful cranes, the possibilities are endless. The intricate folds complement a variety of themes, whether your Christmas decor is contemporary or traditional.