10 Remarkable IOS Email Apps for Enhancing Productive Communication in 2021

Efficient communication is key to professional success, and one reliable avenue for this is through emails. It’s therefore essential for your email app to meet your unique communication need. Because there are lots of options out there, we have compiled a list of the 10 best IOS email apps for productive communication. Each of these apps has distinct features designed to enhance your email communication and ultimately, your productivity.

1. Apple Mail

Pre-installed on all iOS devices, Apple Mail offers seamless integration across all your devices. It offers an impressive list of features including thread notifications, VIP threads, account-specific settings, and easy marking. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some third-party apps, its simplicity and integration capabilities can be a major selling point for users attracted to the Apple ecosystem.

2. Microsoft Outlook

This is one of the most popular email apps around. It integrates not only your emails but also your calendar events and files from platforms like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. The focused inbox that separates important emails from the chaff, schedule emails, sweep rules and fantastic search capabilities are some features that make Microsoft Outlook stand out.

3. Gmail

Gmail is an efficient, free, web-based system equipped with an array of nifty features which include, powerful search options, integration with Google’s other services, such as Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Photos. Gmail’s spam protection is one of the best in the industry saving a good deal of your time. Whether for business or personal use, Gmail is an option worth considering.

4. Spark

If you’re looking for a smart email client with a clean, intuitive interface, Spark is your best bet. It's smart inbox efficiently categorizes emails into personal, newsletter and notification sections. Spark’s real strength is in its customizability, allowing users to tweak swipe gestures, sidebar sections, and toolbar buttons to their preference.

5. ProtonMail

For those who prioritize security and privacy in their email communications, ProtonMail is a top choice. Besides offering end-to-end encryption for emails, ProtonMail also doesn’t require personal information for account setup, further enhancing privacy. Other features include auto-reply, email forwarding, and supports multiple accounts.

6. Airmail

Popularly known for its customizability and Apple-centric design, Airmail offers a unified inbox, snooze options, and a suite of response templates. You can adjust and change nearly every aspect of its appearance to suit your personal preferences. For users who want a more modern look and feel with their email client, Airmail is a solid option.

7. Edison Mail

With a suite of handy productivity tools, Edison Mail is a very capable email client. Its automatic categorization of emails into various categories is particularly useful. Edison Mail’s proprietary AI technology offers speedy search. It also features one-tap unsubscribe capability and a block sender option to help keep your inbox tidy.

8. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail comes with an impressive 1TB of free storage, making it a good choice for those who often send and receive large email attachments. The app includes integrated calendar and contact management capabilities. Its easy-to-use interface and support for multiple account types, both Yahoo and non-Yahoo ones, make it a great option.

9. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is a versatile email app with plenty of features geared towards better email management. From snooze to schedule to send later, read-receipts, unified inbox, and a tidy reminder, they all can help you keep your mail under control. The ability to connect to a multitude of other apps is a great plus.

10. Front

Front goes the extra mile by integrating your emails with social media, SMS, and other communication channels into one unified inbox - a great feature for team collaboration. With Front, your team can effectively route, comment and work on emails, ensuring no messages slip through the cracks, consequently boosting productivity.